Welcome to the Elizabeth Burns Domestic Discipline site, the place to download and preview all my specialized audio products. 
 I am a 38 year old Professional Disciplinarian located in Phoenix, Arizona who has had a life-long fascination and interest in corporal punishment.
For those of you who desire a spanking but aren’t local, I do visit other cities in the US for sessions.  See the Travel Schedule page on my website www.elizabethburns.com for more information. Additionally, I provide phone and mentoring sessions for those I am not able to deal with in person.  
What I do is SPANK.  Whether you feel you deserve a disciplinary punishment, or have a fantasy role-play in mind, I will provide you with  a truly memorable experience. I am not a leather-clad Dominatrix or Mistress, but a Matriarchal woman who loves administering traditional, domestic style spankings to naughty boys and girls.   
I have extensive knowledge of the art and science of corporal punishment. Over the years I have acquired many corrective implements and am very adept at administering them.  
My aim is to give as many people positive spanking experiences as possible.  I also understand that not everyone is looking for a real life punishment.  For those who choose to use their imagination, utilizing sound recordings and the written word as an ideal way to fuel their fantasies, I have created this site.  
What you will not find here are spanking videos or even many spanking pictures.  It isn’t that I don’t approve of them I just feel there are a plethora of online sites that already cater to those seeking visual stimuli.  
In addition to administering discipline, I love to scold. That’s why I have created these audio clips so that now everyone, who shares a predilection for corporal punishment, can enjoy hearing a good scolding or spanking from me at their leisure. 
Sit back, relax, close your eyes, and, with the aid of my gripping, revealing narrative, alongside the dramatic, real-life recorded punishment sessions that accompany it, you’ll find yourself instantly transported into a world of old fashioned, traditional values and strict discipline. 
I love to hear feedback and ideas.  If you have questions or comments, email me at elizabeth@elizabethburnsdd.com. 
If you would like more information about live sessions with me, please visit www.elizabethburns.com or email me at elizabeth@elizabethburns.com. 
Ms. Elizabeth Burns


Elizabeth Burns Domestic Discipline