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As a Professional Disciplinarian, I have given a lot of spankings.  Many of these are role play or more of a ‘fun’ type of spanking, but there are also a fair number of true discipline spankings I have administered over the past few years.   

It might seem odd to the outsider, but to me it really is quite simple.  Some men (and women for that matter) need that firm hand type of guidance and motivation, similar to what some parents have used in the past.  

I know many people who are quite intelligent and talented, and when they can focus and concentrate on the task at hand will complete it brilliantly.  The problem comes into play with getting that focus and concentration.  Some people feel prescription drugs are the best way to accomplish this, but there are other options.  I have found that the threat of a sound bare bottom spanking seems to get someone’s attention and help them focus on the task at hand much more quickly than any medication ever could!  

If you search on the internet, you will find people talking about Domestic Discipline.  Typically this is in the sense of one party of a relationship (typically the male, but I would estimate in 25-30% of the cases the female) will take charge in the relationship and discipline the other party when they break rules or misbehave. 

There is a lot of controversy with this topic.  Many will say that women (on the receiving end) of this type of discipline are being abused.  Many feel this type of relationship is wrong and that anyone involved needs professional mental/emotional help.  While I can agree that there probably are some cases where it is not a healthy relationship and it should not be going on, I think the number of the “bad” situations pales in comparison to the number of relationships where this dynamic works for the people involved.   

I have seen, first hand, how positive of an impact this type of relationship can have on people.  I have personally been involved in a few domestic discipline relationships, but with a twist.  I am not romantically involved or living with the person I am helping, although I do see them on a regular basis.  Some might call it mentoring, which in a way it really is.  I help people figure out goals, plan how they will accomplish those goals, and then provide the proper motivation to keep them on task to complete the goals.  As long as it is successful, it really doesn’t’ matter what you call it!   

There have been a number of people I have worked with in this manner, with quite a bit of success.  It is important that both parties understand their roles, are committed, and agree to be totally truthful, as anything less will undermine the purpose and spirit of the relationship.   

I have documented, in a journal format, some of these relationships.  I did this for my own benefit, but have realized with the lack of quality material available to those interested in the subject of Domestic Discipline, this could be beneficial to others.   

Here is your chance to be a ‘fly on the wall’ and see what a Domestic Discipline relationship is really like from the actual people involved.   

I will also be sharing thoughts of people who are either going to or have recently received sound discipline spankings from me as well as my thoughts on the situation. 

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